air conditioning system

Have you had your air conditioning system inspected lately? Let us find the little problems BEFORE they become big ones!

What’s in store: Clearly, servicing your car’s air conditioning system is something that shouldn’t be taken too lightly. To do it correctly nowadays, it takes refrigerant recovery and recycling equipment as well as technicians certified in the use of this equipment. The services may cost a little more than what you’re accustomed to, but with the potential cost of neglect to your car and the environment, it’s a small cost for pe ace of mind. You can be assured that these annual inspections will help your air conditioning system keep its cool:

  • Adjust and/or replace drive belts
  • Clean radiator and condenser fins 
  • Ensure evaporator drain hose is open 
  • Check that all system electrical connections are secure
  • Make sure vacuum controllines are connected properly and in good condition
  • Check duct outlet temperature
  • Check that all compressor hardware is intact and secure
  • Check the condition of all the lines and connections and make sure they are tight
  • Test system pressures to make sure they meet specifications
  • Test low-pressure cut-out switch
  • Check for leaks after service is performed

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