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Karl and Sons Autorepair Phone: 727-397-6111


New Location on 7945 Ulmerton Road!

We finally moved to a new location. A lot of our customers had a hard time finding us on Seminole Boulevard. So we decided that it would be time to find a new place. We are convinced, that the one we picked on the Ulmerton Road will help you find us at once. It is located on 7945 Ulmerton Road right between Belcher and Starkey Road, going west. Just look for the biggest Sign right after the Mc Donald’s.


For your convinience You can drop of your car, go shopping, have lunch and come back to pick up your serviced car. Or just wait in our comfortable office while having a cold water and watching TV.

It can’t get better than that! We are exited about this wonderfull new location and we are looking forward to see and serve you there!