Old Filter vs. New Filter

Much like a furnace filter, the ventilation filter removes dust, pollen, mold spores and other particles. The triple layer filter media will capture airborne particles down to one micron in size (human hair is seventy microns). The middle layer is electrostatically charged to hold the smaller, ultra-fine particles. This electrostatic charge depletes with time.

Specifically, after twelve rnonths this charge is gone. The other layers , will mechanically filter out larger size particles and the activated carbon will remove annoying odors, until the filter becomes clogged. Certain driving conditions, i.e. city driving, dusty roads, industrial areas, will cause the ventilation filter to clog up sooner than  “normal driving” conditions.

We recommend that the ventilationfilter be changed every twelve months or 12,000 miles. Failure to replace this filter will cause reduced airflow into the passenger compartment. If not re-, placed, eventually the evaporator (air conditioner) and heater cores could be damaged by corrosion.